Merris Launch Brings Connected Furniture to the Modern Conference Space

Atlanta, GA, June 15, 2015 — With it’s introduction, Merris ushers in a new era in conference room design. Developed by a team of respected audiovisual industry veterans, Merris is creating connected furniture that can facilitate teamwork within the office and across digital channels. Each piece features interactive technology built directly into a pre-designed conference room table configuration. With a set selection of sizes, shapes and finishes, Merris collections can be planned, produced and replicated easily, streamlining the traditionally fragmented process of purchasing and equipping common workspaces.

“We all know how dependent modern enterprise is on reliable connectivity,” said Merry McCleary, a founding partner of Merris. “We thought it was time to bring form and function together to help organizations produce useful, attractive spaces where productivity can thrive.”

“More work happens in conference and common collaboration rooms than anywhere else,” said co-founding partner Chris Bell. “With Merris, Merry and I are tapping into a long history of innovation and a firm commitment to helping our clients work as effectively as possible.”

From intimate huddle space structures designed for two or three people, to ten-person conference room tables, each Merris piece is equipped with intuitive, uniform turnkey technologies. Because no customization is necessary, suites can go from product selection to installation in as little as six weeks, and can be replicated with ease as facilities are added and expanded.

Collaboration is the future of enterprise. Merris is accelerating productivity with connected furniture that is function first, elegantly simple in form and crafted to work best where teams work most.

About Merris

Merris is a single source for connected furniture for modern conference and huddle rooms. Our thoughtfully pre-designed suites streamline the process of purchasing and building technology integrated meeting spaces. We help clients go from design to use with minimal hassle or customization. Equipped with our turnkey work environments, teams can reach new levels of teamwork and productivity. See how Merris can help you connect simply at

We help clients go from design to use with minimal hassle or customization. Contact us to see how Merris can help you connect everything.