Point S7 / S9

The Summit Point table expands boundaries and the limits of collaboration.

Bring your biggest deals to the table. Designed for large workspaces, the Point series seats seven to nine at a unique trapezoidal table that features built in communication technologies.


Point S7

The Point S7 enhances audio and video collaboration. Featuring intuitive collaboration technology, and a design that accommodates most traditional room configurations, this trapezoidal conference table enhances communication between team members near and far.

Point S9

The Point S9 opens the boundaries of productivity with expansive space and built in audio and video. Our largest connected conference table, this piece fosters communication and interaction between your largest assemblies of team members and collaborators.

  • A trapezoidal designed table allows larger teams to clearly view presented materials while utilizing a more traditional shaped conference room
  • Largest conference tables in the collection with seating for up to nine team members
  • Broad selection of laminate finishes and hard surfaces for optimum design flexibility
  • Table includes appropriate sized display, two cable cubbies, connections, and easy button control
  • Table is setup at a comfortable distance off the wall for optimum viewing experience
  • USB cabling and extenders
  • Embedded motion sensors provide automatic shut down


  • Point Table
  • Flat Panel Display, S7: 75″; S9 82″
  • Customized Cable Cubby with AC power, USB power, HDMI, and VGA connections, S7: 1; S9: 2
  • Cables for device connectivity
  • Custom control buttons with engraved operating instructions
  • Grommet for speaker phone
  • USB cabling for owner furnished USB camera
  • Motion sensors


  • Upgrade Flat Panel Display
  • Cable cubby finish in black or aluminum
  • Upgraded premium laminates and hard surfaces available
  • Track System to connect cabling to wall


Point S7

Point 8


Point S7

Summit Point 7

108″ D x 50-64″ W x 29.5″ H
17′ x 12′ Minimum Room Dimensions

Point S9

Point 9

Point S9

Summit Point 9

132″ D x 50-64″ W x 29.5″ H
20′ x 12′ Minimum Room Dimensions

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